How to Market your Athlete to College Coaches

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20 years ago if you would have even mentioned the word “Marketing” in the same breath of College Recruiting you probably would have laughed.  My how things have changed.  Those parents who think their athlete is so good they don’t need to do anything will get a big dose of reality when their child is a senior and they wonder where were all the offers from college coaches.

Look, there are thousands and thousands of really good high school athletes all across the country.  And college coaches have gotten very selective about who they offer.  Some of the best athletes never even get noticed by the bigger schools simply because they don’t even know they exist.

Twenty years ago when I went through this process with my son, I took a more aggressive approach and created a “Marketing Packet” that I sent out to over 70 college coaches.  He ended up with six D-I offers by April 1st of his junior year.  It worked then….. and it still works today.  I call it using “Option #2”, Marketing the student-athlete yourself.  Check out my book, “The Student-Athlete & College Recruiting” to learn all about the “3 Options of Marketing”.  Learn how to market your student-athlete to college coaches and start early.

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  1. Eileen O'Regan Nelson

    Have a 16 year old swimmer looking for a scholarship any info would be amazing i want to build him a web page any idea or must haves

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