“…very impressed with the presentation…”

“Eric held college recruiting seminars at all seven high schools in our school district this year. Our Athletic Directors, Coaches, and parents were very impressed with the presentation/information they received. The information provided by Dynamite Sports is something that all parents and athletes who are interested in playing sports in college will benefit from. We will definitely have Eric present to our schools again in the near future!”

Bryan Tyson
Cabarrus County Schools

“…reaching out to give a big endorsement…”

Just reaching out to give a big endorsement to Rick Wire to any of you that have not had him in your school yet. We had the pleasure of hosting him this past Monday and he did an awesome job with our coaches, counselors, athletes and parents. The amount of work that was necessary to put in to this was nothing compared to the benefit that bringing him in brought to our athletes. Thanks you Steve for bringing him to our attention. We will definitely have him back every few years.

Gerald Fuller
New Smyrna Beach High School

“…it was well worth the time and effort.”

Thank you for your help in passing out the flyers I emailed you about Brooke Point’s September 27, 2017 hosting of Rick Wire’s presentation “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete.” We had over 400 parents and students from every county school attend the event. Without exception the feedback was positive.

Prior to the parent/student session Rick spoke to our coaches. Many of them also found the information helpful as well as surprising. As a result, I believe some of our coaches with athletes interested in playing in college will be more proactive in the college recruiting process.

In case you are interested in hosting this event at your school there is an advertising “agenda” which is easy to follow and to which I attribute our great turn out.
Just wanted to let you know we had a very good experience with this seminar and, based on the responses as people left the auditorium, it was well worth the time and effort.

Karen Miller
Brooke Point High School

“I received positive feedback from all groups…”

Last week I hosted Rick Wire to present a seminar to my counselors, coaches, parents and student-athletes on the Student-Athlete and College Recruiting. We had a session just for the guidance counselors and coaches and one for parents and student-athletes. I received positive feedback from all groups and as always learned something new about the whole process. Many parents thanked me for having Rick in to speak. I also was able to get handy little pocket guides for all my counselors to refer to. It is amazing to me how early college coaches are seeking out and “offering” athletes today. I feel hosting this seminar helps prepare Cedar Cliff student-athletes for whatever their collegiate future might hold. If you haven’t had Rick come speak at your school I would encourage you to do so.

John Kosydar
Cedar Cliff HS

“…kept the coaches and parents engaged at all times.”

I want to thank you for getting the word out about the seminar we hosted this past Wednesday. We had a great turn out, with families coming from Dayton, Cincinnati, and Toledo.

Darnell Dinkins is a great speaker that kept the coaches and parents engaged at all times. The information shared has been a tremendous help to our coaches, student-athletes, and parents. I have received nothing but positive feedback from all that attended.

I highly recommend it to all Coaches, Parents, and even Counselors. Thanks.

JD Foust
Tippecanoe HS

…thank you Dynamite Sports for such an awesome experience…

It was both a privilege and an honor to host Eric Smith with Dynamite Sports on October 30, 2017. Our seminar was well advertised thanks to Eric communicating with me exactly how to promote such an event in the weeks leading up to our scheduled date. He and his organization are highly organized, user friendly for how the seminar is conducted, and extremely knowledgeable about how recruiting high school student-athletes works.

Eric’s background is very impressive. He has been there before it became so detailed and at times complicated in the process. Having said that, Eric made it all so much easier to understand during his performance. He laid it all out in detail and stressed the importance that beginning this process as early as middle school is paramount.

I feel our parents and our partner schools who attended came away with much more knowledge and understanding of how the recruiting process works in today’s rapidly changing world. Eric also took the time to take questions and most impressively he stayed after until the last person left. The key for us was promoting our event in advance up to 4 weeks. We continued that until our seminar night. We made sure the community, our entire school personnel, parents, coaches, and the student-athletes themselves were made aware of how important this topic and seminar was. The comments I have heard since then are it was free, the speaker was great, and the material covered was valuable information needed to seeking college student-athletic scholarships.

Once again, thank you Eric and thank you Dynamite Sports for such an awesome experience for our high school Athletic program at Beaufort High School. We hope to have you back as soon as your company allows. This is something our folks want to hear again and again to keep us reminded of what we need to be doing at our middle and high school levels both academically and athletically. I can assure you we will be raising our standards once again after hearing Eric take time out to visit us and educate us on the latest strategies for seeking out scholarships.

Linc Lyles
Beaufort HS

“The parents, students and coaches benefited greatly.”

I wanted to take the time to thank you and Darnell for the amazing seminar you guys did for us here at Susquehannock!  That was the most significant and relevant information and development we have had here in my time as AD.  The parents, students and coaches benefited greatly.  They were also very thankful.  Furthermore, Darnell is all around just a wonderful person.  You don’t see that everyday with people as successful as him.  I am interested in buying a set of books for my coaches.  I also would like to get started with the NCAA Calculator as soon as possible.  What do I need to do for both of these?  I plan on running a professional development for my counselors so they are proficient with this great tool.  Thanks and I hope you are doing well Rick.

Brad Keeny
Susquehannock HS

…nothing but positive feedback…

We held the Dynamite Sports College Recruiting Seminar for our Student-Athletes, Parents and Coaches this past Tuesday in our Auditorium. It was really a fantastic evening and I have received nothing but positive feedback by all that attended. The Advertising Campaign that Rick and his Support Staff outlined was easy to carry out and the organization on the evening of the presentation was seamless. I also purchased some affordable resources from Dynamite Sports for our Athletic Department. I look forward to holding another Seminar in the future.

Tony Ruocco, CAA
Kenwood High School

…was both engaging as well as informative.

I want to thank you for the presentation you gave to my school counseling department yesterday. Your mix of personal experiences and factual NCAA knowledge was both engaging as well as informative. My department had its’ collective eyes opened regarding the many tentacles involved in counseling a college bound athlete. I am very confident that the information you provided us will be in use immediately. I, myself, had one of my sophomores in today asking about the information he heard at your night presentation and his parents plan on seeing me to review his academic progress. Again, thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us and best of luck in your travels.

William R. Hughen
Hudson School District

…your presentation made me realize how little I know…

This is my 3rd as a School Counselor and your presentation made me realize how little I know about the NCAA organization and their requirements. I really enjoyed your presentation and will find your books to be a helpful reference. My only suggestion is that it be longer. I feel like you had so much information that it could have been a 3 hours seminar instead of a 1 hour meeting.

Mary Carper
Alvirne High School

…the feedback has been very positive.

West Bloomfield High School brought in Rick Wire from Dynamite Sports to speak in 3 sessions about eligibility and the recruiting process. Session 1 was a tutorial for the counselors to teach them all the ins and outs of the recruiting process as well as to get them more acclimated to the NCAA Eligibility Center and the Eligibility Calculator. Session 2 was with Rick and the Coaches at WBHS to explain how we can assist students in achieving their goals of playing at the next level. Session 3 was for the Parents and athletes themselves and walked through what they should expect and what steps they should take in the recruiting process.  We had an unbelievable turnout and all of the feedback has been very positive. The best part is that it only cost me for a hotel room to have Rick come in and speak.  Overall, this was a great experience and I definitely recommend it for all of you.

Eric Pierce
West Bloomfield High School

“It was an excellent experience for our daughter

We attended a College Recruiting Seminar presented by Rick Wire, President of Dynamite Sports.  Our daughter is a freshman in high school and is passionate about playing college softball.  Through Mr. Wire’s seminar, we were introduced to the College Recruiting Process. We highly recommend attending this information session while your son/daughter is a freshman, although we feel it would benefit all high school athletes. It seems overwhelming, yet Mr. Wire broke it down step-by-step from the freshman to senior year.  It is obvious he is passionate about sharing his experiences of going through the College Recruiting Process with his son, who ultimately played in the NFL. 

It was an excellent experience for our daughter in preparing her for interviews and various soft skills needed for success as she sets goals for college both in academics and athletics. After the seminar, Mr. Wire conducted a phone interview with our daughter, one on one.  He then developed a “Blueprint for Success” based on his conversation with our daughter.  It was well thought out and inclusive of academics and athletics.  He set up a well-rounded plan, including core courses, academic excellence, SAT and ACT standardized tests, extra-curricular activities, stress reduction and creating a balance that is realistic for our daughter. 

We believe he is passionate about helping students become successful in college by setting up a “Blueprint for Success”.  We highly recommend attending the College Recruiting Seminar presented by Rick Wire, President of Dynamite Sports, and signing up for the “Option 2 with a Recruiting Coach Program.”  It is well worth the fee, as we became very knowledgeable about the recruiting process and understand the steps necessary to become a college athlete.

Mike & Bette

Mike & Bette

…I highly recommend it.

Last night we had Rick Wire present to our families about the NCAA academic eligibility and the recruiting process. It was well attended and even had a couple families from other high schools attend. I received many positive comments on the information that was presented.

Rick also did an in-service for our coaches beforehand on the same info from a coaches stand point. Again, our coaches were pleasantly surprised on how good the info was and how Rick kept their attention at a stressful time being the night before the first practices.

In dealing with Rick and Dynamite Sports it was very easy in the months and days leading up to the presentation as they provide a time line and checklist of what to do, when to do it and the flyers/posters needed. If you ever have the opportunity to have Dynamite Sports present to your coaches/families I highly recommend it.

Craig Walker
Winters Mill High School

… the seminar was unbelievably positive!!

Just wanted to give feedback to all of you on the success of the “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete” seminar conduct by Rick Wire at Dynamite Sports @ McEachern last night.

First let me say the feedback from our parents after the seminar was unbelievably positive!! As many of you have already experienced, Rick’s presentation of the message was from the heart, with passion and from a parent’s perspective which captured the attention of everyone from start to finish. His knowledge and what he himself experienced with his son Coy, I feel, really hit home with parents that are either in the middle of this process or about to begin. I would say the number one comment from parents after the seminar was “I had no idea of the information presented about the recruiting process”. Parents went out of their way to thank our school for giving them this opportunity to learn about this ever changing process and open their eyes to what they can to do to give their student/athlete a better chance to realize their dream.

Rick’s coaches segment was also well received by our staff. Great information well-presented and I feel certain they learned a few things they did not know.

If you have not yet scheduled this at your school I highly recommend you do so. Your parents and athletes will appreciate it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Jim Dorsey
McEachern High School

…the feedback has been great…

Rick presented to our community last night. The feedback I have received thus far from parents, athletes and coaches has been great. All groups were so impressed on Rick’s level of knowledge on NCAA requirements and his plan to guide parents in the recruiting process. As Don stated, Rick provides everything that you will need to make the event a success. All I had to do was put the simple and easy to follow plan into place. I hope that all the schools in Cobb get Rick out to educate and inspire their parents and coaches.

Robert Horn
Kell High School

…a powerful REAL message about the recruiting process…

Just wanted to take a minute to give you some information on the recent recruiting seminar by Dynamite Sports that we hosted at KMHS last night. I know that some of you have hosted Rick Wire at your schools and have heard him speak at our AD meeting last year but I haven’t seen a program yet that is as informative and easy to put on. Dynamite Sports provided EVERYTHING needed to host the event but the site including promotional materials, handouts etc. They do a great job guiding you through how to market the event to your coaches, students and parents and in the end we had a great turnout. Rick Wire and his team delivered a powerful REAL message about the recruiting process from top to bottom and following the program both our coaches and parents expressed how helpful the program was. I would highly recommend you give them a look. Their information is below. Take care and I hope you all get off to a great start next week.

Don Baker
Kennesaw Mountain High School

…it was a HUGE success!

AD’s: I wanted to share the information for this presentation to all of you. I hosted Rick Wire of Dynamite Sports at Kennedy High School last month. I first attended his presentation at Wheaton High School several years ago through MCPS Parent Academy, but since I hadn’t seen it advertised in a while, I went ahead and booked him to present to my son’s AAU basketball league. He gave the “Guiding the College Bound Athlete” presentation to the group and it was a HUGE success. Rick talked about the new NCAA requirements, the recruitment package that athlete’s need to create in order to market themselves and what we as parents, need to do to help our athlete’s succeed in school. Many of our attendees, including the students, felt that the information was very helpful and how unaware of the process they were. Thought I would share so that you can offer this presentation to the student athletes at your school. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.

Marcia Johnson
Kennedy High School

…a realistic approach to the recruiting process..

I have had several positive responses from our coaches, parents, and student athletes after they attended last night’s seminar “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete.” Our parents definitely have a greater understanding as to their role in the recruiting process.

Rick Wire shared lessons learned from personal experiences when his son, Coy, was playing high school football and trying to earn a college scholarship. The family was successful, as Coy earned a scholarship to Stanford and played for nine years in the NFL!

The seminar information is useful and valuable to parents. Topics include taking a realistic approach to the recruiting process as well as the parent’s role in promoting a student athlete. Coy’s segment of the seminar addressed ways to separate yourself from other student athletes, goal-setting, and social media.

Please contact Rick if you are interested in this providing this seminar at your school. We had over 300 in attendance!

Jack Wallner
Cherokee High School

…a lot of positive feedback from parents…

While at the NIAAA National Conference in December I met Rick Wire and was impressed with his research on recruiting and advice he had to offer. I looked through his book “How to prepare for college athletics and the recruiting process” and really thought the message was something my parents and athletes need to hear. I always cover this material in my parent & player meetings but thought it would be good for them to hear it from another source!

It was a great program with a lot of positive feedback from parents, coaches, and my guidance staff! I highly recommend Rick come speak to your parents and athletes.

Bob Shank
Fort Wayne Community Schools

…really illuminated the reality of the recruiting…

Thank you for taking time to visit Rocky River High School this past Thursday. The presentation was excellent, so full of good information for all who attended. I have received so much positive feedback from the people who attended including the parents, students and coaches.

In a world of so much accessible misinformation, your presentation really illuminated the reality of the recruiting process and availability of athletic scholarships. I look forward to working with you in the years to come to share this information with the families in our community.

Mark Wagner
Rocky River High School

…you will not be disappointed.

Rick gave a fantastic presentation last night at our school. From my coaches who came for staff development to the parents who wanted to know how they could better help their children, everyone left well informed. From a coaches perspective, many of my coaches said they are now going to start asking kids much earlier about their future plans in order to better prepare them. As a parent going through this process with my own son, Rick’s presentation was much more than I expected. If you have not been able to attend one of his presentations, talk to your child’s athletic director about bringing Rick to your school, you will not be disappointed.

Daniel Forgas
Manassas Park High School

…parents are now knowledgeable about their responsibilities…

It was an outstanding seminar for our community to deeper understanding of what it takes to be a college-bound athlete. Students have shared their desire to improve academically and parents are now knowledgeable about their responsibilities to help their student achieve their goals.

Monika Montiel Turner
Marana High School

…stressed the importance of academics…

Thank you so much for that great presentation last night. I have received multiple emails this morning regarding how valuable the information covered was to our families and students. Your seminar stressed the importance of academics on the pathway to playing collegiate athletics. It was engaging for both the student athlete and the parent through your usage of digital media and relevant statistics. Your coverage of academics from the freshman year to the requirements for divisional competition to the recruiting process and even financial assistance gave our families a wonderful insight into how best to prepare for their college years and beyond. I know our community gained knowledge that will greatly assist them and we will definitely ask you back in the near future as the requests have already come in.

Marisa Silvestri
Santa Monica High School

…an excellent forum for the answering of specific questions…

Darnell Dinkins recently conducted a recruiting seminar at North Allegheny High School in Wexford, PA, where I am the Director of Athletics. The materials presented were of importance to the prospective college athlete and were presented in a clear, concise fashion. Dialogue between Mr. Dinkins and the attendees provided an excellent forum for the answering of specific questions, adding to the value of his appearance at North Allegheny.

Bob Buzzuto
North Allegheny High School

…provided them with great resources…

Rick did an outstanding job engaging our parents and athletes and provided them with great resources to help them better understand the recruiting process. I heard several parents say…”I’m overwhelmed. I wish I would have started this process sooner!”

Chris Weaver
Kettering Fairmont High School

…parents and students were tremendously appreciative…

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an excellent presentation last night!

I know our parents and students were tremendously appreciative of your energy, personal experience and strategies you have utilized and seen success while helping your son and other student athletes. We had approximately 116 student-athletes/parents plus additional family members (about 175 people).

Best of luck with the rest of the Chicagoland presentations! We look forward to hosting again in a couple years!.

Carri McGahan
Warren Township High School-O’Plaine Campus

…emphasizes how academic’s play a critical part…

The presentation is very educational for players, parents, and coaches. Frank does a great job of explaining the details of the recruiting process and the cold reality of scholarship offers. Frank emphasizes how academic’s play a critical part in an athletes journey to college athletics and what parents should be doing.

Chris Medaglia
Valley Forge High School

…paints a clear picture of the recruiting process…

Wes has given presentations to our families for the past several years. His presentation paints a clear picture of the recruiting process, and helps families understand how this process works. The information he provides helps equip student athletes with the tools to find the right college. I would recommend this program to any high school athlete interested in playing collegiate athletics.

Brandon Hart
Fort Osage High School

…exactly what parents and students need to hear!

The recruiting presentation given by Frank Dorazio of Dynamite Sports was outstanding! Frank’s information was invaluable to all of our student-athletes and families and a must for any student considering playing sports in college. Frank’s real-life experiences and expertise are exactly what parents and students need to hear!

Don Readance
Shaker Heights High School

…became charged with excitement…

The knowledge we gained from your presentation is valuable now more than ever, especially with the state of the economy. Many members of our district became charged with excitement when they found out how the counselors’ curriculum program can help track the classes of their children to ensure they won’t miss out on opportunities to play collegiate athletics. Any schools interested in receiving an education on helping students get to college need to call Rick Wire and Dynamite Sports.

Machael Chapes
Oregon School District

…invaluable for student athletes and their families.

What a great opportunity for athletes, parents and coaches to hear and receive important information from a guy (Frank Dorazio), who really knows about the realities of being recruited. Frank’s personal stories and his resume speaks for itself. His style of presenting accurate facts on the process of being recruited is invaluable for student athletes and their families. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Frank Dorazio’s presentation to any school or athletic program that services student athletes in grades 7-12.

Steve Hardaway
Euclid High School

…very entertaining, helpful, and to the point.

Wes Simmons came to our school and presented the “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete” educational seminar. I found it to be very entertaining, helpful, and to the point. There are some hard facts that parents and athletes need to hear and I thought that Wes did a great job in giving us the facts. I only wish we would have had longer to go through it all! I look forward to having Wes, Rick, or any of the crew back in future years. This is must-have information for college-bound athletes. I wish it would have been around when I was going through the process!

Our parents that were in attendance were glad they were present and all wished they had the information earlier. Wes gave us help. He wasn’t trying to push us one way or the other but was intent on being helpful to all of us. I had my 4th- and 1st-grade sons there with me and will be starting their process, along with my 6th-grade daughter’s, in about two or three more years. Thanks Wes and thank you Rick for putting this program together. Thanks Dynamite Sports.

Gregg Holliday
Hastings High School

…a realistic view of their athletic futures…

The College Recruiting Seminar proved to be a valuable service to our parents, players, and coaches. All who attended now have a realistic view of their athletic futures and a better chance to take advantage of college opportunities. I will definitely have Dynamite Sports back in future years to continue to educate our athletic community about the recruiting process.

Mike Murphy
Brush High School

…was just outstanding!

Dynamite Sports is exactly what my parents, students, coaches and the athletic directors need to find their way thru the maze of college athletic recruiting.

Frank Dorazio came to Beaufort County and made a presentation for us that will definitely help our students see more scholarship money come their way. His insight, examples and straight talk was just outstanding!

Robert A. Anderson
Beaufort County School District

…gave the facts and told the truth…

The recruiting presentation for Frank Dorazio from Dynamite Sorts was very informative and to the point. I have been in college coaching for 25 years and a HS athletic director for the last seven years and this presentation came right out and gave the facts and told the truth about college recruiting. “This is what parents and kids need to hear. Great job.

"Bo" Kuntz
North Royalton School District

…the best and most comprehensive…

As the athletic director of a very large school district that has fourteen urban, suburban, and rural high schools, we are constantly receiving more and more pressure to assist our students in getting college athletic scholarships and to help them play sports at the college level. As you are aware, it is not our mission to perform this function nor is it in our job descriptions for school athletic directors or coaches. However, we all want to help our kids achieve their dreams and to return the loyalty they have given to our school sports programs.

Rick Wire’s “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete” and his web-based Dynamite Sports programs are the best and most comprehensive college assistance program I have seen in my thirty-four years as a coach and athletic director. These programs can be used as educational in-service for your coaches and school guidance counselors giving them all they need to know about college recruiting and the athletic scene. Additionally, they are kid and parent friendly, allowing them to access the website programs to find out for themselves how to assess themselves academically and athletically to see if they measure up to the college level. It further gives them the “How to” basics of marketing themselves and the knowledge to fully understand the recruiting game.

Rick uses the “do-it-yourself” approach in all of his programs. By having this program, a coach or athletic director can put a kid or parent at a computer and allow them to see for themselves where they are, determine where they want to go, and give them a “Blueprint” on how to achieve their goals. The volume of information and resources cover all the bases for the coach, the parent, and the student-athlete. Do not hesitate to find out more about how Rick Wire’s Dynamite Sports will add high value to your athletic program.

Bill Utsey
Greenville County Schools

…accurate, up to date information.

Rick Wire and Dynamite Sports have provided our community with a tremendous resource. Parents, teachers, coaches and athletes are provided a consistent message filled with accurate, up to date information. In Prince William County, we appreciate the time and expertise that Dynamite Sports has provided to enhance the opportunities for all of our student-athletes.

Fred Milbert
Prince William County Schools

…realistic with the students and parents…

As a former college coach at both the scholarship and non-scholarship levels, a compliance officer and now the AD for a school district that offers almost the full complement of OHSAA sports, I thought Frank did a great job of being realistic with the students and parents in attendance and providing them with some great information. He had some great statistics and examples that have hopefully, opened up a lot of eyes and minds. The bottom line that Frank emphasized is that if you are a student-athlete, there is an institution that every athlete “fits” and they must strive to find that “fit”. I thought his frank and honest discussion about scholarships, financial aid and academics is something that every family who has a son or daughter in athletics and is planning on continuing that career in intercollegiate athletics should hear.

Tony Cipollone
Westlake City School District

…current, relevant and revealing.

Frank Dorazio’s presentation on the recruitment process involving potential college athletes was excellent. The information presented was current, relevant and revealing. It clearly showed student-athletes what they must do to put themselves in a position to receive a scholarship or grant, and suggested ways how best to do just that. I was especially pleased that students were made very aware of the many options and opportunities other than Division I, and that he stressed the importance of a high GPA. Frank’s seminar was one of the best and most informative hour and 15 minutes that we could have offered our student-athletes. We will certainly repeat this seminar in the future.

Bernie Hovey
Archbishop Hoban High School

…very thorough, well organized and informative…

Dynamite Sports has put together a great presentation in their efforts to educate parents, students and coaches about the recruiting process. Our presenter, Frank Dorazio, was very thorough, well organized and informative in his presentation. Dynamite Sports continues to be a great resource for our Athletic Community.

Scott Stemple
Mason High School

…very impressed with the presentation…

Wes Simmons and Dynamite Sports did a great job with our recruiting night seminar. He was very informative and helped educate our families on what they can be doing to help their chances of getting noticed and finding the right fit during the recruiting process. We have a parent who is a junior college Athletic Director, he was very impressed with the presentation and felt that his son got a lot out of it because someone else (not his own parent) was telling him what he needed to do.

Dean Ayoob, CAA
Junipero Serra High School

It was a big hit!!

The event was awesome! The information was presented in a very organized and simplistic method that our parents and athletes could absorb. The value to our student-athletes and their parents is immeasurable.

At our Booster Club meeting the next night, many, many Booster Club members who attended the Dynamite Sports event had positive comments about the value of the information delivered by Wes Simmons. It was a big hit!!

Jeff Rich
Winnetonka High School

…an INCREDIBLE resource for our entire community.

Rick Wire’s college recruiting seminar was AMAZING!! The information presented was extremely valuable to our students and parents. We plan on having Rick back to continue to educate our parents and students regarding the college recruiting process. Dynamite Sports’ website for coaches, counselors, students and parents is an INCREDIBLE resource for our entire community. The website contains vital information for our coaching staff, counselors and prospective college athletes at an extremely reasonable price. I have been through the college recruiting process personally. Rick’s presentation and the Dynamite Website should be titled – “Everything I Wish I Knew the First Time”. These resources will save our community money in the recruiting process AND help them get more money in scholarships and grants.

Matthew R. Shomper
Tippecanoe High School

The information shared was extremely informative…

I invited Rick to attend my fall sports parent meeting and it was a huge success! The information shared was extremely informative and the audience was very attentive. He offered up to date recruiting requirements along with personal experiences when he helped his son make his college decision. Rick was approachable and answered parents’ questions. After the presentation many parents and athletes thanked him for his insight into the world of collegiate athletics.

Whitney Seltzer
Cocalico School District

…parents thanked us over and over…

Just a note to tell you that Dynamite Sports, Rick and Coy Wire, who spoke to us last month at our Metro AD meeting, presented two days of seminars to our counselors, coaches, parents and players. Their presentation was titled “Guiding the College Bound Athlete”. They did a fabulous job of educating our staffs and community of changes in NCAA regulations and requirements and insight into the college recruiting process. Their presentation was informative, entertaining, and very much on target! The two evening events held for parents and athletes were great crowds and parents thanked us over and over for bringing this presentation to our community. I would recommend this presentation to you if you are interested in motivating and educating your parents and players.

Ron Dunnavant
Cherokee County School District