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Change Your Mind


An inspiring guide for high school student-athletes or anyone seeking to achieve a lofty goal. Change Your Mind provides practical & peculiar methods to improve yourself.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • The importance of freeing yourself from your past
  • Easy-to-use methods to discipline your thought life
  • 3 Essential states of Mind


When Coy Wire was 9 years old he told his dad that he wanted to play college football and someday play in the NFL. Although his journey was certainly unique and difficult, Coy started fulfilling his goal by attending Stanford University on a football scholarship. He led Stanford in rushing as a freshman and in the 2000 Rose Bowl. Then, in 2001, he switched to defense and became the first player in Stanford football history to lead the team in rushing in one season then in tackles in another. But he finally achieved his ultimate goal in 2002, when he was drafted in the 3rd round of the NFL draft by the Buffalo Bills where he played for 6 seasons and then 3 more years with the Atlanta Falcons. Thus tripling the average NFL career of 3 years. Coy was also named a Captain of every team he ever played on. He also received numerous honors such as receiving the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, being nominated to the NFL Pro Bowl, and he was awarded the coveted Ed Block Courage Award voted by his Atlanta Falcon teammates as a role model of inspiration, sportsmanship and courage.

Today, Coy Wire is a CNN Sports Anchor & Correspondent and a member of HLN’s Weekend Express with Lynn Smith.

Continuing his impact on youth, Coy wrote, “Change Your Mind”, an inspirational book about life, goal setting and using the power of the mind to overcome any and all obstacles along the way. He has been a keynote speaker at many conferences and seminars where he teaches leadership to students, troops, sales teams, and executives at organizations such as UPS, the U.S. Military, and the U.S. Department of Education. Coy has also served as a member on the Board of Directors at Make A Wish®.

Coy’s natural ability to lead, communicate and inspire has consistently been an effective way for him to continue to create positive change in the world. For Coy, life is all about smiles and positive energy.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 7
Evaluating Your Child’s Talent 8
Dealing with Academics 9
The NCAA Initial Eligibility Requirements 10
The Standardized Tests 27
The NCAA Eligibility Center 37
The NAIA Eligibility Requirements 46
Transferring 48
Related Internet Sites 56
Athletics Strength Training 57
The Psychological Factor in Sports 61
NCAA Scholarship Limits 65
NAIA & NJCAA Scholarship Limits 66
NCAA Division I Recruiting Standards 67
Goal Setting 85
The Three Options of Marketing 89
Creating a Marketing Package 95
National Collegiate Scouting Association 100
General Recruiting Guidelines 109
Divisional Recruiting Guidelines 116
NCAA Division I Recruiting Calendars 126
NCAA Division II Recruiting Calendars 136
Creating a Recruiting Plan 140
Verbal Acceptance 147
National Letter of Intent 148
Walking-On as an Option 153
After You Commit 160
Understanding Key Words & Terms 161
Appendix A
  Colleges with Athletics 165
College Listing 167
Appendix B
Nat’l Governing Bodies & Organizations 187