…thank you Dynamite Sports for such an awesome experience…

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It was both a privilege and an honor to host Eric Smith with Dynamite Sports on October 30, 2017. Our seminar was well advertised thanks to Eric communicating with me exactly how to promote such an event in the weeks leading up to our scheduled date. He and his organization are highly organized, user friendly for how the seminar is conducted, and extremely knowledgeable about how recruiting high school student-athletes works.

Eric’s background is very impressive. He has been there before it became so detailed and at times complicated in the process. Having said that, Eric made it all so much easier to understand during his performance. He laid it all out in detail and stressed the importance that beginning this process as early as middle school is paramount.

I feel our parents and our partner schools who attended came away with much more knowledge and understanding of how the recruiting process works in today’s rapidly changing world. Eric also took the time to take questions and most impressively he stayed after until the last person left. The key for us was promoting our event in advance up to 4 weeks. We continued that until our seminar night. We made sure the community, our entire school personnel, parents, coaches, and the student-athletes themselves were made aware of how important this topic and seminar was. The comments I have heard since then are it was free, the speaker was great, and the material covered was valuable information needed to seeking college student-athletic scholarships.

Once again, thank you Eric and thank you Dynamite Sports for such an awesome experience for our high school Athletic program at Beaufort High School. We hope to have you back as soon as your company allows. This is something our folks want to hear again and again to keep us reminded of what we need to be doing at our middle and high school levels both academically and athletically. I can assure you we will be raising our standards once again after hearing Eric take time out to visit us and educate us on the latest strategies for seeking out scholarships.