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As the athletic director of a very large school district that has fourteen urban, suburban, and rural high schools, we are constantly receiving more and more pressure to assist our students in getting college athletic scholarships and to help them play sports at the college level. As you are aware, it is not our mission to perform this function nor is it in our job descriptions for school athletic directors or coaches. However, we all want to help our kids achieve their dreams and to return the loyalty they have given to our school sports programs.

Rick Wire’s “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete” and his web-based Dynamite Sports programs are the best and most comprehensive college assistance program I have seen in my thirty-four years as a coach and athletic director. These programs can be used as educational in-service for your coaches and school guidance counselors giving them all they need to know about college recruiting and the athletic scene. Additionally, they are kid and parent friendly, allowing them to access the website programs to find out for themselves how to assess themselves academically and athletically to see if they measure up to the college level. It further gives them the “How to” basics of marketing themselves and the knowledge to fully understand the recruiting game.

Rick uses the “do-it-yourself” approach in all of his programs. By having this program, a coach or athletic director can put a kid or parent at a computer and allow them to see for themselves where they are, determine where they want to go, and give them a “Blueprint” on how to achieve their goals. The volume of information and resources cover all the bases for the coach, the parent, and the student-athlete. Do not hesitate to find out more about how Rick Wire’s Dynamite Sports will add high value to your athletic program.