…the feedback has been very positive.

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West Bloomfield High School brought in Rick Wire from Dynamite Sports to speak in 3 sessions about eligibility and the recruiting process. Session 1 was a tutorial for the counselors to teach them all the ins and outs of the recruiting process as well as to get them more acclimated to the NCAA Eligibility Center and the Eligibility Calculator. Session 2 was with Rick and the Coaches at WBHS to explain how we can assist students in achieving their goals of playing at the next level. Session 3 was for the Parents and athletes themselves and walked through what they should expect and what steps they should take in the recruiting process.  We had an unbelievable turnout and all of the feedback has been very positive. The best part is that it only cost me for a hotel room to have Rick come in and speak.  Overall, this was a great experience and I definitely recommend it for all of you.