… the seminar was unbelievably positive!!

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Just wanted to give feedback to all of you on the success of the “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete” seminar conduct by Rick Wire at Dynamite Sports @ McEachern last night.

First let me say the feedback from our parents after the seminar was unbelievably positive!! As many of you have already experienced, Rick’s presentation of the message was from the heart, with passion and from a parent’s perspective which captured the attention of everyone from start to finish. His knowledge and what he himself experienced with his son Coy, I feel, really hit home with parents that are either in the middle of this process or about to begin. I would say the number one comment from parents after the seminar was “I had no idea of the information presented about the recruiting process”. Parents went out of their way to thank our school for giving them this opportunity to learn about this ever changing process and open their eyes to what they can to do to give their student/athlete a better chance to realize their dream.

Rick’s coaches segment was also well received by our staff. Great information well-presented and I feel certain they learned a few things they did not know.

If you have not yet scheduled this at your school I highly recommend you do so. Your parents and athletes will appreciate it.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.