…very entertaining, helpful, and to the point.

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Wes Simmons came to our school and presented the “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete” educational seminar. I found it to be very entertaining, helpful, and to the point. There are some hard facts that parents and athletes need to hear and I thought that Wes did a great job in giving us the facts. I only wish we would have had longer to go through it all! I look forward to having Wes, Rick, or any of the crew back in future years. This is must-have information for college-bound athletes. I wish it would have been around when I was going through the process!

Our parents that were in attendance were glad they were present and all wished they had the information earlier. Wes gave us help. He wasn’t trying to push us one way or the other but was intent on being helpful to all of us. I had my 4th- and 1st-grade sons there with me and will be starting their process, along with my 6th-grade daughter’s, in about two or three more years. Thanks Wes and thank you Rick for putting this program together. Thanks Dynamite Sports.