Closing Out the School Year

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With the school year coming to a close, it’s time to prepare for what lies ahead. If you are going to be a freshman or sophomore in the fall you should have already selected your courses. Make sure you are taking a strong college curriculum with maybe one or two weighted courses. Over the summer you should implement an aggressive strength & conditioning program to make sure you are prepared for any athletic opportunities that come your way.

If you are going to be a junior in the fall make sure you are on track to be eligible to play as a freshman in college. Ask your counselor if your transcript looks good or if you need to beef up your course work. Also, you should schedule several unofficial visits over the summer to help you narrow your search. Remember, this is the BIGGEST year for recruiting! What you accomplish athletically your junior year will have the biggest impact on recruiting.

If you are going to be a senior in the fall ….. FINISH STRONG!!!!!!

It’s important to stay focused and to work even harder both in the classroom and in the weight room and athletic field. You only get one shot to go through this process. Make it count!

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