How to Track Your Academic Eligibility

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As a new school year approaches it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming athletic seasons. And although it is critical to be prepared mentally and physically if you are planning to play in college, you must also become a great student. In 2010, we developed a web-based NCAA Eligibility Calculator to help school counselors track their college-bound athletes. We provide this tool for FREE to every high school nationwide thanks to a National Sponsor. One of the advantages of counselors using this tool is that families will be able to view the student-athletes Eligibility Status Report 24/7. This will help them stay on track ACADEMICALLY and help athletes choose the right courses to meet NCAA eligibility.

An added feature is that families may give out their access to the eligibility status report to college coaches that are recruiting them. Then they can track your academic progress without trying to get in touch with your school counselor by phone which can sometimes be almost impossible once the school year starts. Ask your counselor if they are using our FREE calculator. If they are not, encourage them to do so. It will certainly make their job a lot easier.

Don’t waste anytime preparing academically for college because every grade, every test score, and every weighted course can make a BIG difference.

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