Maybe NAIA is the right fit for YOU!

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Most families don’t know much of anything about NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics).  They are not associated with the NCAA in fact they are competitors to some degree.   NAIA schools are much like NCAA D-III schools in that they have smaller class sizes which typically equates to a better education.  Two-thirds of these schools are religiously affiliated which may be important to some families.  There are 249 NAIA Schools across the country and they do have ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS!

It could be that you, or your son or daughter would never go to an NAIA school.  But then again up until this newsletter, chances are you didn’t know much about them.  What if now after learning more about these schools, your student-athlete ends up going to an NAIA school on a 4 year athletic scholarship?  Then, they play for 3 or 4 years instead of going to a BIGGER school, ride the pines for the first couple of years, get a shot as a junior or senior and hope they don’t get INJURED!  They have a phenomenal college athletic experience, get a GREAT education……. How horrible would that be????

Become an expert on NAIA.  You never know.

Go to their website at to learn even more.

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