NEW Eligibility Requirements will create Problems for Counselors

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In my last newsletter you learned about the new D-I Eligibility Requirements that take affect with this year’s freshman class that will graduate from high school in 2015. What I’ve learned since then is that high school counselors are going to have their hands FULL! Not only is there 2 new sliding scales but there are also 3 possible academic outcomes.

Full Qualifier, Academic Redshirt, and Non-qualifier. In order to be a Full Qualifier among other things a student-athlete will need to have 10 core-course credits before the start of their junior year. Seven of those courses will need to be in English, Math, Natural Science or Physical Science. If not, they will NOT be eligible to play in college as a freshman. These 10 courses will also be “locked in” and become a part of their core GPA. They will NOT be able to retake any of those courses during their senior and have any higher grades earned count.

High school counselors are going to have a very difficult time tracking prospective D-I college-bound athletes. First of all, how will they know who these kids are??? They can’t track them if they don’t know them. And if they don’t track them and a student-athlete reaches their senior and has several D-I scholarship offers but doesn’t have the 10 credits needed they will lose out on many of those scholarship offers. It is a very confusing and intricate situation.

I highly recommend that you talk to your high school counselors to make sure they are on top of these important changes. If you don’t have your academic transcript in order you will certainly miss opportunities.

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