A Counselor’s Guide to Academic & Recruiting Success Webinar
A Counselor’s Guide to Academic & Recruiting Success Webinar

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Finally an educational program to help bring counselors up to speed on all the new NCAA & NAIA Eligibility requirements for freshman eligibility and teach them what they need to know about College Recruiting Education for their prospective college-bound athletes. In an effort to assist high schools in educating their Counselors regarding all the NEW upcoming NCAA Eligibility requirement changes for Division I & Division II, Dynamite sports is now offering a 60-minute Staff Development webinar for counselors entitled, “Counselor’s Guide to Academic & Recruiting SUCCESS”! This 60-minute educational training will cover the following topics:
  1. NCAA Eligibility Center – FACT, FICTION & CHANGES!
  2. NEW D-I Eligibility changes
  3. NEW 2018 D-II Eligibility changes
  4. How to “Identify” prospective college-bound Athletes
  5. How to monitor & track their academic progress to ensure Freshman Eligibility
  6. How to safely calculate their “Core GPA” and determine what corresponding SAT/ACT test scores they need
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