First Things First!

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Resources Leading Up To Your Event

As a reminder, here is the list of guidelines that we ask you to perform to help insure a successful and well attended event. Before you print the files below, please save a copy to your computer so you can edit the files to customize them for your event.

  • Forward the “Coaches Email” to all your coaches
  • Forward the “Counselors Email” to all your counselors
  • Forward the “Middle School Administrators Email” and encourage them to promote the event to their 8th grade families
  • NOTE: If you are also scheduling a “Coaches Guide to Recruiting Success” Staff Development program for your coaches prior to the Recruiting Seminar, use the following  email to notify your coaches.  You may edit the date & time, etc., as needed: Coaches Staff Development Email
  • Read this “Seminar Announcement” at ALL home sporting events and all morning & afternoon in-school announcements
  • Ask coaches to distribute the “Special Event Invitation” to those athletes they believe are capable of, or would like to play sports in college
  • Send “Athletes Wanted” flyer to all booster presidents and ask them to forward to their members.
  • Enlarge the “Athletes Wanted” flyer and use as a poster to place outside your office, weight room, gyms & locker rooms.
  • Distribute “Athletes Wanted” flyers at home sporting events if possible
  • Place Athletes Wanted on school athletic website
  • Ask local newspaper to write an article about the event prior to it (Sample Press Release)
  • Place event information on school marquis the week of the event
  • Make announcements and distribute flyers at any sports banquets, parent meetings,  etc.
  • Advertise the event through school’s social media accounts if applicable (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with a tweet/post similar to the template below:
    • Guiding the College-Bound Athlete recruiting seminar at SHS: 9/26 from 7:30-8:30 P for athletes gr 8-12. More:
  • Use school’s calling system/email system to advertise the event

Resources for the Night of Your Event

Please print five copies of this sign in sheet and place them on a table at the facility entrance.

The following documents will need to be printed as handouts for the families on the night of the Recruiting Seminar. Print 50-75 copies. Please staple them together if possible but be sure to place the “Seminar Questionnaire” on top. We will give one packet to each family as they arrive.

Please print the following document on 1 page, front and back, and keep this separate from the packet outlined above. We will give one to each family as they leave.

The Speaker will require the following items for the seminar:

  • Table for the handouts (down front of the stage if there is room)
  • A few boxes of pencils/pens
  • Video Projector & screen
  • Sound for the video projector (1/8” audio jack)
  • Lapel / wireless microphone

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