…a realistic approach to the recruiting process..

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I have had several positive responses from our coaches, parents, and student athletes after they attended last night’s seminar “Guiding the College-Bound Athlete.” Our parents definitely have a greater understanding as to their role in the recruiting process.

Rick Wire shared lessons learned from personal experiences when his son, Coy, was playing high school football and trying to earn a college scholarship. The family was successful, as Coy earned a scholarship to Stanford and played for nine years in the NFL!

The seminar information is useful and valuable to parents. Topics include taking a realistic approach to the recruiting process as well as the parent’s role in promoting a student athlete. Coy’s segment of the seminar addressed ways to separate yourself from other student athletes, goal-setting, and social media.

Please contact Rick if you are interested in this providing this seminar at your school. We had over 300 in attendance!