…it was a HUGE success!

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AD’s: I wanted to share the information for this presentation to all of you. I hosted Rick Wire of Dynamite Sports at Kennedy High School last month. I first attended his presentation at Wheaton High School several years ago through MCPS Parent Academy, but since I hadn’t seen it advertised in a while, I went ahead and booked him to present to my son’s AAU basketball league. He gave the “Guiding the College Bound Athlete” presentation to the group and it was a HUGE success. Rick talked about the new NCAA requirements, the recruitment package that athlete’s need to create in order to market themselves and what we as parents, need to do to help our athlete’s succeed in school. Many of our attendees, including the students, felt that the information was very helpful and how unaware of the process they were. Thought I would share so that you can offer this presentation to the student athletes at your school. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.