What Should I Do Over the Holidays?

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Well first of all simply ENJOY the Holidays with your family and those close to you.  Not much happens during the next few weeks in the way of recruiting.  But it is a good time to reflect on what you have accomplished both on the athletic field and in the classroom the first part of the school year.  You should also re-evaluate and manage your goals.  Are you on track and/or where do you need to improve? Are there goals you need to modify or delete from your list?

This would also be a good time to plan a few “Unofficial Visits” over the next few months and start seriously shortening your college list.

And last but certainly not least, pick a local charitable group that needs some help whether it be the food bank, children & youth services, the Salvation Army etc., and volunteer a little of your time.  This humanitarian act will enrich your life and help you understand what life is really all about.  A small act of kindness over the Holidays will remind you how blessed you are and that there is always someone who needs a helping hand.

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