2016 Athletes Will Lose Scholarships!

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It won’t be long now until the new D-I eligibility changes go into effect for the graduating class of 2016 (this year’s junior class). Want to know how bad it’s going to be? I recently conducted seminars in the metro Atlanta area. One of the areas was Gwinnett County where the Director of Counseling decided to see what kind of effect the changes would have on their student-athletes.

They conducted an in depth study of all 89 football and basketball players that signed early letters in November. Of all the football players that signed early……27% would NOT be full qualifiers next year. It gets worse, of all the basketball players that signed early…….57% would NOT be qualifiers next year!

What this means is that many colleges will pull scholarship offers once they find out a recruit they already offered will NOT be eligible to play as a freshman. In other words, they will either be an “Academic Redshirt” or a “Non-Qualifier”. Either way this will be devastating news for families who have no idea what these changes are. I’ve been saying it for 2 years now that when these changes go into effect there will be a cry across this land unlike anything we’ve seen or heard in the past 40 years.

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