CREW – your Daughter’s Ticket to a SCHOLARSHIP?

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Crew…. or also known as “Rowing” is becoming a very popular sport for high school girls. Since the enactment of Title IX and gender equality for women’s sports Crew has been the tool that colleges have been using to help meet Title IX requirements. What does this mean to female athletes? It’s simple. If you are a good athlete with really good grades and you want to have a college athletic experience then Crew just might be your ticket to an Athletic Scholarship.

Colleges are permitted to give up to 20 scholarships for Crew at both the Division I and Division II levels. This is the most number of athletic scholarships allowed for any one women’s sport.

I just recently received the following email from a mother I met at one of my seminars a few years ago. It was very moving. And although I have changed the names the story is exactly what she wrote to me. It speaks for itself.

Dear Rick,

I wanted to drop you a little line and let you know that you changed our lives. My daughter and I attended a talk you gave at a Christian School in Ohio, several years ago. We had a chance to talk to you before the presentation. During that time you suggested that my daughter look into Rowing/Crew. At the time she was playing basketball. We looked into rowing teams around the area and she went and tried it. She liked it and we thought she would be able to use it during the basketball off season to keep her in shape. Well, it is now a year later and she is doing crew 6 days a week year around. She is so good at it that her coach said she’s in the top 10 in the nation right now, as a sophomore. She is going to a National Team ID camp next weekend to see if she can make the US National team. I just wanted to thank you, because without your comment, we would have never thought of crew. She is turning out to be a natural at it. She has had colleges call her crew coach and inquire about her already including Ivy League schools. Her big goal right now is to make the National team and someday the Olympics. Your suggestion has completely changed my daughter and her self-confidence. She now has a chance to go to an Ivy League school and have a bright future. She would have never had that with basketball.

Thanks again,

A Thankful Parent

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