D-II announces NEW Eligibility Requirements!

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Yes it’s true. In January, 2014, just a few short months ago the NCAA D-II board approved changes to their eligibility standards. These new standards will go into effect with the incoming high school freshman class that will graduate in 2018. The changes include an increased minimum core GPA of 2.2 up from 2.0. And, for the first time a sliding scale similar to the one D-I has been using.

So here’s the dilemma for high school counselors. Beginning this fall every high school in the country will have three different eligibility standards in place. Seniors (graduating high school class of 2015) will be using the existing standards that have been in place for D-I & D-II for about eight years. Juniors (graduating high school class of 2016) will have to deal with the new D-I standards for eligibility including a higher gpa and sliding scale for aid & competition or they could become an “Academic Redshirt” and not be eligible to play their freshman year. And then of course the incoming freshman (graduating high school class of 2018) will have to abide by the new D-II standards mentioned above.

It will be confusing for sure and very difficult for any high school counselor to navigate each prospective college-bound athlete through the eligibility requirements. Meet with your student-athlete’s high school counselor to be sure they are on the same page. The message is simple. Work as hard in the classroom as you do in the weight room or athletic field.

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