Social Media – Blessing or Disaster

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Last spring I spoke at a school in PA. that had one of the top quarterbacks in the country. The Athletic Director told me how the young man wasn’t happy with his coach. So for spite he and his family moved out of the school district and transferred to another school. Then on his Facebook page he posted a long message about how he got back at the coach by leaving the program and now was going to play for his new school. When the PIAA (the governing body of PA high school sports) caught wind of the situation, they called the family in for a hearing to get the facts. Not only did the family break the rules for transferring just to change teams but the PIAA ruled him ineligible to play his senior year!

College coaches make a HUGE investment in a student-athlete when they offer them financial aid or a scholarship. They expect a return on that investment. But they also want to be sure of the character of the student-athlete. Today, in our world of social media they can find out just about anything. Athletes must be very careful what photos and videos they post as well as messages and blogs they write. You certainly don’t want to prepare all your life for a shot at playing in college just to have it cut off because of a stupid post somewhere on the internet.

I have a simple rule …If you wouldn’t show it or tell it to Grandma … DON’T POST IT!

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