End of School Year Brings Hope and Opportunities

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It’s that time of year when student-athletes look ahead at the possibilities. Seniors can’t wait to head off to college hopefully to begin a collegiate athletic career while underclassmen are wondering what their future will bring.

For 2012 seniors that haven’t already committed to a college:

It’s time to make final evaluations of the schools they are considering and choose which one is the right fit. A summer visit to their final choice may be wise in order to scope out things like housing, facilities and class choices.

For 2012 juniors:

You are about to enter the most important year of your athletic career up to this point. College coaches will be evaluating your every move both on the field and in the classroom to determine which student-athletes they will eventually offer scholarships to. I can’t stress enough how important it is to be PROACTIVE in marketing yourself to college coaches. You will have one final shot to make an impression and entice a college coach to offer you a scholarship instead of someone else. Be sure to work extra hard in the weight room, spend more time doing plyometrics training and working on increasing your speed and agility. Your hard work over the summer will pay big dividends on the athletic field during your upcoming season. As for the classroom, this would be a good time to add some weighted courses to your academic schedule if you haven’t already. Show college coaches that you aren’t satisfied with simply the basics or the minimum of anything and that you will challenge yourself in the classroom as well as on the athletic field.

For 2012 sophomores & freshman:

Setup a few unofficial visits for over the summer so you can see what different levels of college looks like. Create a “recruiting plan” as a family and follow it. Remember, there are 2 ways to go through this process. You can be “Proactive” or “Reactive”. Use our website as a resource and watch my recruiting seminar if you haven’t seen it already. Search for the videos on goal setting, visits, and strength programs. You don’t have time to waste.

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