Using Nutrition to Improve Your Performance

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Whatever you put into your body is exactly what you can expect to get back in return. Don’t expect to eat lots of fast foods and snacks and then have the energy to perform at your peak. Lots of high school athletes work hard in the weight room and running hills etc., but don’t watch what they put in the tank. Without a healthy diet along with your workouts you are simply wasting much of your effort. So I thought I would write a short piece on Nutrition and some “Do’s and Don’ts”. There are 3 key nutritional points that will improve athleticism and also help you live a healthier lifestyle.


  • Drink fluids throughout the day. Water should be your first choice when choosing a beverage.
  • Drink things such as Gatorade only before, during and after an exercise session.
  • Avoid calorie-ridden drinks such as soda, juices, etc.
  • Caffeinated drinks lead to de-hydration.
  • If you are thirsty you are already de-hydrated. During exercise or a sporting event you should sip a few ounces of water every 10-15 minutes.


  • Protein – Athletes can consume .75 – 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Example: A person weighing 200 pounds should consume 150-200 grams of protein daily.
  • Fish, Chicken and lean beef are all healthy sources of protein.
  • Other healthy sources of protein are tofu, beans, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt and milk.
  • Carbohydrates – This vital nutrient is the major supplier of fuel for the body.
  • When choosing a carbohydrate it is important that the source contains at least 3 grams or more of fiber.
  • Healthy sources of carbohydrates are found in fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  • Fats – There are healthy types of fats that are critical to performance.
  • Fish oil, flax seed oil, and nuts are all good sources of fats. Salad dressings, and butter are bad sources of fats.


  • 5 of 6 meals in a day should be structured to reflect your nutritional goals.
  • It is ok to overeat or indulge at times but just remember that you only get out of your body what you put into it.

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