Sports Agility Training and the Benefits

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When it comes to preparing physically for athletic competition, most athletes focus on weightlifting and running. One key part to training that is often overlooked is Agility training. AGILITY is “the ability to change direction without any loss of speed, strength, balance, or body control.” Sports agility teaches athletes the best method and techniques to move with the greatest speed and quickness, with the least amount of unnecessary movement and motion.

Implementing agility conditioning into your strength program will benefit you and your teammates while increasing the potential for success. Although strength plays a major role in improving performance and preventing injury, speed and quickness are often even more important. To succeed at many movements in sport, whether it be the shotput in Track, vertical jumping in BB or VB, or instant bursts of speed in FB, you must be EXPLOSIVE!

This type of training is critical and every competitive high school should include plyometrics in their sports conditioning programs. By tying together conditioning, agility and plyometrics, you’ll make the complete package, and that’s what college college coaches are looking for. These methods of training are the only way to increase strength in the fast twitch muscle fibers. Specialized exercises or devices are used to develop explosiveness, as a separate quality or in a manner to duplicate the skill involved in your sport. Plyometric training is the key to developing maximum explosive power and speed of movement. Both which in turn are the key elements involved in sports.

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