Start the school year with PURPOSE!

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Regardless of what grade a student is in, the start of each new school year brings opportunity. It’s the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished so far and how much more you need to do fulfill your destiny. Setting up college visits, making sure you’ve scheduled the right courses, adding more pieces to your highlight video and staying disciplined in the weight room should all be a part of this. October is the perfect time to setup several unofficial visits and start evaluating a few schools. If you haven’t created a list of potential schools you would consider attending I would do that now. Obviously the importance of moving fast depends on the grade you are in. Freshman and sophomores can be a little more relaxed and deliberate while juniors are in the middle of their most important year. But seniors are up against a short time line. It’s like they’re in the bottom of the 8th inning, and time is running out!

You can watch a few videos on our website to help motivate and guide you. And, if you want to help other families at your school prepare for college recruiting, suggest to your A.D. that they bring in one of our speakers to your school to conduct one of our FREE powerful College Recruiting seminars. The “Recruiting Seminar Request form” is near the bottom of the page.

At any rate, GET MOVING!

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